At Cupid Registry, we have a passion for love. So, whether it is new Love, renewing a relationship, or just because . . .  we have a unique gift for that special someone. Express your love by requesting Cupid shoot an arrow of blessing in honor of that person.  Watch the intrigue as that special someone discovers where their love arrow lands. We are about rekindling relationships, reminding us that love is forever.

Whether it be for your sweetheart , a treasured friend, or your parents’ anniversary, they will be touched by your thoughtfulness. Because these destinations are unique with their global coordinates recorded in the official Cupid’s Registry of Love, your shared spot will be etched in time so that future generations may identify the location and know that you shared a spring of love at that site.

Consider celebrating by planning a vacation to your special location! If you send us pictures of your trip we may post them in our photo section.

When my brother let me tag along with him to the church volleyball game in St. Louis, MO, I saw the kind, young man on the opposing team. He never hit the ball to me like the other players who wanted an easy score. We never even talked but I knew he was going to ask me out. I could read it in his eyes. Three weeks later, I had signed up to spend a few days to help ready a campground for the camp season, but I didn’t have a ride. Surprisingly, that kind young man showed up at my door to give me that ride . . . . and the rest is history. I was thrilled that he gave me a Cupid Registry unique gift to celebrate our fifth anniversary. We have it on our wall so we can tell our friends our story of that volleyball game where neither one of us said a word to each other as our special location – the site of the beginning of our love.

‘Discovered this site just in time. We’re getting married soon and we can’t agree on where to honeymoon. We’re both spontaneous so I was daring and let Cupid decide. It’s a surprise. I’m sure she will love it!

It was the summer just before the beginning of freshman year at our small college in Tennessee. I was in the Tucke Book Shoppe looking for the textbook on Western Civ. There he was at the cash register. I knew immediately he was meant for me. We were connected by a pureness of love for the next two years, and then for some odd reason I transferred back to a college at home in Santa Barbara, and broke up with him. He was heartbroken; I was crazy. That was over 38 years ago and I have never forgotten him, nor he me I suspect. I heard that it was several  years before he reluctantly found someone else. . . . Times have changed. I did not have Cupid put my name on my Cupid Registry certificate, but I can’t wait until Danny deciphers out the map coordinates where Cupid has shot his arrow. I’m sending it for Valentine’s Day.