Tired of Flowers ? Chocolate too fattening? Be creative for a change. Pierce the heart.., Give something that lasts forever. Pierce the heart of someone you care about. Let Cupid shoot an arrow in your name. Enjoy the discovery of where your arrow will land!!

Spark Your Love

Is there a treasured location for you and your partner or loved one? A simple getaway or a spot you first met? Let Cupid bless your special site with a spirit of romance and spark your love all over again.

This site is about finding that romantic location or rekindling and enhancing your favorite spot that brought you fulfillment in the first place.

Cupid will help fulfill that deep love in your heart.

We all remember our first kiss, the cherished dream when we knew we were in love, or that magical spot where our lives first intersected.

We all have fond memories of delightful places where we felt our heart singing with the rhythm of the gentle breeze. For some of us it was swinging at the park, breathing in the blossoms of color and embracing the serenity of the sun's rays.

For others it was watching with wonder the ebb and flow of the midnight waves sparkling from the glow of the enchanting moon. Wherever it is, Cupid has a blessing for your relationship.

Cupid Custom

A beautiful 11x14 full color parchment certificate, stamped with Cupid’s blessing, made out to you and your loved one. The Cupid Custom Package includes a personalized 3-D appearing map with Cupid’s arrow shot into your specific love site coordinates. You also receive a personalized congratulatory letter.

Cupid Deluxe

The Deluxe Package includes everything in the Cupid Custom Package plus the certificate is beautifully double matted with an elegant black onyx colored frame.